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about me

Experienced & Eager

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio. My friends call me Maia. I am a 15-year marketing veteran still eager to develop my skills, learn the latest technologies and grow with your business. My most important motivation is to show my daughter what it means to be a strong, successful business woman who also finds time for family and personal development. I look forward to getting to know each other.

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marketing success

It Starts With Data

Integrated views of marketing, advertising and sales activities can now be achieved with the right processes and software. Whether tracing visitor behavior on a website, gathering audience reactions at an event, or measuring the success of a content marketing campaign, everything starts with data. My grasp of the latest technologies means I can bring immediate, real-time visibility into everything we do together.

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Skill Areas

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One of my greatest strengths is digital marketing. I am a huge proponent of the inbound marketing methodology, and a certified HubSpot expert. I thrive in creating strategies and content for today’s mobile-first marketplace.

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My career started in experiential marketing for marquee brands like Scion, Canon and Asics. There’s nothing more impactful than a memorable experience, and my event production skills make it happen flawlessly.

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We can’t do this marketing thing without great content, and my content strategies get results. Ask me about two recent SEO wins placing my B2B service pillar pages at the very top of organic Google search results.

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strategy and process

My multi-faceted marketing experience allows me to build robust strategies that drive leads and boost sales. Nothing kills momentum faster than bad processes. Use my keen process mindset to your advantage. Let’s grow together!

Maia Morgan Wells is a true asset to any company or brand. Deeply dedicated and passionately creative, she brings a unique blend of smarts and momentum to projects that truly move the needle.
— Simon Mainwaring, CEO, We First Branding
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